Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Parsley is a Bare Tree

These butterflies really like parsley. They've just about left me with no garnish for my entree.


Secondary Roads said...

I always thought that parsley makes a garish garnish. But I only say that because I like the way the garish and garnish play together. :)

Andrea said...


Lin said...

Black swallowtail!! Let them eat, Vanilla! It is worth the loss of the parsley! What you lose in flavor, you gain in beauty. :) Start watching for the chrysalis.

vanilla said...

Chuck-- I like your word play. I once had a friend who said, Prepare a great sirloin, medium rare and garnish with parsley. Throw away the steak and eat the parsley. Seems to fit in with your dietary plan, wot?

Thank you, Andrea, and also to you.

Lin-- I will keep my eye on those beauties. I wish them well.