Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pig Tales

Thinking about the upcoming Pork Festival and pigs and things led me to surfing around the 'net. I found this little gem quite by accident. Curiously, I am acquainted with the author, in a former life, so to speak.

Last year I took my camera and made a few sorties to the Tipton County Pork Festival, which means I had to range so far as a half-mile from the domicile. I posted some pictures; and thus, I have filled in that square and think I shall not repeat the experience. I shall just go and have fun, leaving the burdensome camera home this time. Nah, won't happen. I go, Canon goes.

So, I post this in anticipation of the festivities, by way of advertising, one might say. The first Pork Festival, which I attended, occurred forty-one years ago, and hence this will be the forty-second annual celebration. Come on over, September 9, 10, and 11. In addition to more delicious food than you can eat, there will be street vendors, carnival rides, art shows and music. Friday night, the mainstage entertainment will be Bob Ammons, Linda Lee and the Noble Creek Band, and Lee Greenwood. Saturday night there will be a bunch of rockers and a dance contest.

Oh, yeah. Beauty Pageants. And parades. 5:30 Thursday and Saturday at 2:00.

Be there.
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