Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dachshund Redux

That JJ is back again. He is spending two weeks with us. Although I am sure Cookie feels like he's outnumbered seven to one, he is in reality still the ruler of the roost. "I'll tolerate him, 'cause I love you, but please make him go away."
Truth: They really do get along quite well. A little jealousy over the lap-sharing, but overall, quite well.
Lovin' them some lap time.


Lin said...

WEINER DOG!!! Oh, there is nothing like a Weiner Dog to make you laugh....and to take over your couch! :) Give him a smoochie from Aunt Lin!

vanilla said...

Lin-- Oh, he's a lover and can elicit a laugh, but he's also a bit of an anvilhead. I'll give him a huggie for you.