Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Shortened Tale

"I had a bad experience a few weeks ago which drove home to me the point that I would need to give up my Blackberry in order to get back a life. It was an epiphany; and I have never regretted one moment since that I chose life."

So I heard one busy working mother state the other day. It drove me to think anew about my "addiction" to the internet. Every minute I spend surfing, blogging or reading newspapers is a minute in which I could DO something instead. I have put up over 600 posts. Much of the material was "original" in the sense that I wrote and/or photographed it. Some of the material was information I had garnered from researching something in which I was interested at the time. All of it piqued my interest. Other people, not so much. Within three months of my debut here, I had seventeen "followers." Now, well over a year and a half later, I have seventeen followers. Granted, there are those who drop by for a visit, or were caught up in a Google search that led them here.

I am going to curtail my activities on this site. On Tuesdays, I will continue to post the "Loonville Vignette" series. I will post from time to time as I feel compelled. For those of you who follow String Too Short to Tie, the posting notices will show up in your reader. The rest of you may read "LV" on Tuesdays, scroll down until you encounter the previous "Loonville" and you will surely find anything I might have put up.
This has been beaucoup fun, and I shall continue to have fun as I recall the days of yore in Loonville!

Thank you, Dear Reader.

succumb to an all-electronic existence.


Lin said...

WHAT??! You leaving us???! Well, I'm sad to hear that, pally. I get it though. As summer rolls on, I'm finding it harder to visit all my favorite blogs each day and I just can't do it. I try to do a handful each day, working my way through my list as the week progresses. I also do not want to be sitting on the computer when I can be doing.

Please post every now and then and visit as well, as I really enjoy your friendship. And we are still gonna meet up in Indiana one of these days!!!

Have fun DOING, pally!

Secondary Roads said...

Yeah. What Lin said.

I came close to posting less frequently and may do that too. Enjoy your off-line life and know that I'm so happy that I found you. I've enjoyed our friendship and the informative and nifty posts that you put up. I'll drop by regularly to see what you're doing.

Vee said...

Now my morning ritual will have to change: Coffee, devotional time, read David's blog, get ready for the day. Won't be the same without your morning thoughts!

vanilla said...

Lin-- No, no. Not going away. Just spacing it out a bit. Certainly I will continue to visit Duck and Wheel with String and I'm looking forward to that meeting!

Chuck-- What I said to Lin. And certainlhy I will keep up with Secondary Raods.

Vee-- Perhaps it is an opportunity for you to establish an even better routine! But don't miss what I do post!