Wednesday, June 30, 2010


And we did "reune". (Back of the t-shirt.) All the families named are descendents of George and Emma Womack. BBBH is a Womack, but her brother "forgot" and did not attend (though we had a nice visit with him later); and thus there were no people there who now go by the Womack name.
The point of a reunion: reconnect with family members and visit
and eat!
The eldest attendee at 88 with her children. She and a daughter came from North Carolina, the other two from Alaska, and thus travelled farthest to attend.
Courageous young lady took a bunch of kids outside to play.
And, notwithstanding the meeting was in an air-conditioned hall, we had one who thought the dog was a family member. I'm a dog person (in fact a dog is lying under my left arm at this moment) but this creature was LOUD. And UNFRIENDLY. Growl (both me and the dog).

Then there was the guy who grabbed the mike and regaled the innocent and unsuspecting revellers with song. C & W. Who could have done such a thing?

So you think we are nuts? Look at the size of the group meeting outdoors. Heat index: 106.


Secondary Roads said...

What fun! Don't you just love those family reunions?

Andrea said...


Lin said...

Who cares how hot it is--just as long as there was no rain to ruin the fun. Looks like a blast, pally!!

vanilla said...

Chuck-- Lots of fun.

Andrea-- Family is pretty important.

Lin-- Ok, I like summer; but I enjoyed the AC on this day!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Wow. That sounds fun! We're going to a small family reunion here in a couple of weeks, but I lack much extended family, so I know pretty much what to expect.

vanilla said...

Matt, large or small, the family is a much to be valued part of our lives. Cherish that. And stay in touch.