Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Love Your Blog

Chuck on his Secondary Roads has declared "game on" again. He has given me this great award. I am so happy that he likes my blog. And I certainly reciprocate the sentiment. Mutual admiration society, don't you know. I am to state ten things that I love, then pass the award along to ten whose blogs I love.

Ten Things I Love
1. I love the Lord Jesus Christ who is my savior.
2. I love my wife whom you have met as "BBBH".
3. I love my family which has become so large and so widely extended that it is a challenge as I age to remember all their names. ;>)
4. I love being 75 years old. It's sort of a testimony to perserverance. Too, I will soon be 76! and who knows how far one can go from there!
5. I love the community in which we live. It is not "Perfect" in spite of the fact that I have referred to it in that way on the blog; but it is the best place in which I've ever lived, and that's saying something.
6. For the most part, I love blogging, both writing my own and reading others. I have tried to quit, really I have; but BBBH says I'm addicted. There are worse addictions.
7. I love political cartoons and comic strips and their creators. I don't read them all, just half-dozen of the former and dozen of the latter. I love to laugh; and laughing at the nonsense of politicians and the foibles of our fellow-man keeps us from going nuts.
8. I love Coffee.
9. I love Texas. Admittedly I have never been there between May and September. But, subtext 9a. I love the ocean and 9b. I love the desert. Texas has plenty of both.
10. I love living green things. This was my answer to the question, "Why did you ever choose to move to Indiana?"
And now I am privileged to pass this award to
1. Lin, a very funny lady, and very perceptive. She always has something interesting to share.
2. Lidian, who keeps us up-to-date on the out-of-date. Old advertisements and clever and creative interpretations of them.
3. Grace, perspectives on life in Philadelphia. Fun read.
4. Andrea, a prayer warrior who keeps us posted on prayer needs as well as the beauties in her world.
5. Marydon, an artist and artisan who shows us the world through her talented eye.
6. Matt, a teacher and pastor sharing his outlook on faith in our times.
7. Jason, a Christ-following believer who shares his doubts as well as his faith.
8. Leigh, a harried mother of young children who is willing to share the vicissitudes of life in a humorous manner.
9. Jana, another young mother who bills herself as "the meanest Mom." Hilarity abounds.
10. Bob and Jan, seeing the country via their vintage truck/home and sharing the adventure.


Unknown said...

G'morn, friend ~ I love your list with Jesus the most high at the top!

Artist & artisan I am not, but I so do appreciate your thinking so ... here I am .............
**God, Jesus & I chat all day long, having wonderful moments of togetherness
**I am just a simple soul
**I am a no nonsense person
**I live in a black & white world with no muted shades of gray
**I love children more than life, they refresh me daily
**Giving is my greatest joy of life, sharing all I have, bringing joy to others or to lift them when needed most
**Children's charities are my passion

Have a beautiful day my friend.
TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me and I enjoy your comments on the stuff I write.

I don't do these awards thingies but I certainly do appreciate when others do and include me.

Most sincere thanks.

vanilla said...

Marydon--Your list is great. I like you.
"I live in a black and white world with no muted shades of gray"
I like that. If only the world was that clearly delineated for more people. Everything seems to have been mixed into such a grey muddle. I could go on.

Grace--I respect your choice not to play these games. And I do very much like your blog.

Lin said...

Thanks, pally!! Chuck tagged me too, so I guess I have to post my award now, eh??! ;) I liked your list. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, I knew Chuck had tagged you first, but I just couldn't omit one of my very favorite bloggers!