Monday, April 20, 2015

What Was I Thinking?

From October until a couple weeks ago I was thinking, "C'mon, Spring!  Where's the Green?"

Well, the lawn has been mowed now.  Twice.  In one week.


And knowing it would have to be done Saturday in spite of the fact that it was done the previous Monday, I went to the barn  mid-morning and started the chore of prepping the tractor.  Drained the oil, involving several trips to the garage, to the tool shelves, to... Looking for the right tools, you see.  Finally got the oil drained-- now what to do with the plastic sack full of used oil?  Then I had to go to town to get oil because I'd only half-quart on the shelf.  Installed new oil, pumped up a low tire, straightened a tie-rod.  Oh, boy!  Here we go.

No. We do not.

Go anywhere, I mean; because when I tried to start the engine, rr-klunk.  Battery charged.  rr-klunk snick, snick.

I wound up mowing the fenced enclosure with the walk behind mower, and I am not going to describe what that walking means to my aching bones.  You really do not want to know.

Had lunch, rested, went to look at new $$$$ lawn mowers.  I know, I know.  It has been thirteen years since we bought one, but what the?

So we came home and I mowed the front yard, and I am not going to describe.  Oh, wait.  I am perseverating.

So the mowing is done.  Well, except for the one-third of the lawn that is behind the barn.  To heck with it.

Is there an emoji that would represent vanilla boxing himself severely about the ears?


Vee said...

After thirteen years, maybe it's time. I know, I know, you are related to your Dad. Everything you purchase should last a life-time.

Grace said...

I should think an item like that would last more than 13 years - but I haven't mowed a lawn in over 40 years and then it was a push-mower (ah, youth!). I trust some ibuproferen and rest have you feeling all tickety-boo this morning.

Marsha Young said...

Your mowing adventures sound about like my husband's. It is ALWAYS something, isn't it? :) Have a great day. - Marsha

vanilla said...

Vee, of course it should. Once owned a fountain pen which was "guaranteed for life." Life of the pen, I think, not the owner of it.

Grace, while I do avoid NSAIDS I am feeling quite perky now. And wonder of wonders, I got the rickety old machine running this afternoon!

Marsha, ALWAYS something could describe life as it is lived in these twilight years. Thank you; I did have a good day!