Friday, April 10, 2015

Haberdashery 1.6

There is nothing in the well-dressed gentleman's wardrobe that says "class" more profoundly than does this set of cufflinks.  A quality item when it was new, the cachet of "antiquity" enhances the attractiveness of this choice for evening wear.

Of course, adequate time and patience must be employed, else the user may break into an unseemly sweat, spoiling the evening before it starts.

If time is short or patience has been worn thin by the vicissitudes of the day, then one of these sets might be a better choice.  Though they lack the luster of antiquity, they are attractive enough in a gaudy sort of way.  They are much more easily installed.

The truth is I no longer own a shirt with French cuffs.  The last ones I had reached the end of their presentable life and have long since been relegated to the dustbin of history.  I could not bring myself to discard the jewelry, though, and now it lies useless in a drawer.  Were it not for my dragging it out to share with you, it would soon be forgotten.

I can picture my heirs a few years down the road when they stumble upon these items.  "What the heck?" they may say.  "Did you ever?"  "What on earth is it?"


Grace said...

I've always liked french cuff dress shirts - very sexy. I have a pair of my Grandfather's cuff links and a pair of my father's. I think cuff links add dash and flair to a man's wardrobe...My Grandfather, father and husband only wore french cuff shirts with their tuxedos - it's nice to know that blue collar workers owned tuxedos.

Lin said...

Oh no....cuff links are actually back in style again. I've seen them for sale in higher end stores.
Everything old is new again--so hang on to them!

Secondary Roads said...

My preferred evening wear is PJs.

vanilla said...

Grace, I never achieved ownership of a tuxedo. Rental on certain auspicious occasions. Yes, tux pretty much requires French cuffs.

Lin, they are? I did not know that. But then, I have always been behind the curve, fashion wise. Though I am aware that what goes around comes around.

Chuck, good choice. And as long as S is happy, there is no one to critique your choice.

Sharkbytes said...

Haven't seen a guy wearing cufflinks in a long time. That said, I don't frequent places where they might hang out, or dress appropriately to be seen there myself.

Sharkbytes said...

and I have to like Chuck's choice

vanilla said...

Shark, yes, that Chuck is the King of Sartorial Selection.