Saturday, April 18, 2015

Picture Game

Today is the 18th day of the month.  I played this game to help me come up with a post for today.  I went to my "Pictures" album and counted down to the eighteenth folder.  I would have chosen the fourth picture for the fourth month, but the folder contains only two pictures very similar to each other.

This picture was taken on April 14, 2009. The RV was completing its first winter in Texas since we had traded vehicles the previous July.  We were on the way home and at the end of the first day of driving, we stopped in this park in northeast Texas near Jacksonville.  We and the deer were the only occupants and they did not seem in the least concerned that we chose to intrude on their territory.

Surely missed making the journey the past two winters, but Spring has arrived in Perfect, and that is Perfect!.


Vee said...

The green of Indiana is more beautiful.

Lin said...

Oh, that photo has got me itchin' to camp again. I miss that.

We are starting off the day with beautiful sunshine and warm weather! Hooray for Spring!

Grace said...

That is a honking big thing to drive and the deers are so soft and pretty...but yes, I expect Spring in Indiana is a lot prettier than Spring in Jacksonville TX

vanilla said...

Vee, had I responded earlier in the day I would have agreed. But after mowing lawn with walking mower, and for the second time this week, I am not so enthused with green. This too shall pass.

Lin, here's hoping you can get in some comping ere long.

Grace, because it is a box it looks bigger than it actually is. About like driving a three-quarter ton pickup truck. Surely hope we can get it out of the driveway soon!