Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trees in the Yard

flowering plum; weeping cherry; Bradford pear; crabapple; lilac
lilac; redbud; Macintosh; Northern magnolia from seventy feet away
and the cheery little footnote at my feet in the corner



Vee said...

Wow! Beautiful.

Secondary Roads said...

Oh, the joyous beauty of Spring.

Grace said...

So pretty. (Since I am a little dim - what does that mathematical looking notation mean?)

vanilla said...

Vee, indeed. I'll tell you a bit more via email.

Chuck, seems Spring is my favorite season, at least during the springtime.

Grace, not at all dim. A true learner never hesitates to ask. "√" can be read "radical." Try that and see if it speaks to you. :-)