Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Why is that?  Uninspired, unmotivated.  Blocked.

Advice to self:  Break out; force yourself: 

So it was that I sat down to the keyboard and attempted to develop a post.  I was three sentences in when I realized that I was producing a rant.  Not good.

Do not desert* me.  I hope to be back.  Sooner rather than later, but we can only wait and see.

May goodness and love be yours in the meantime.


*Speaking of desert, or rather dessert in this case, the rhubarb is in!  I cut up a pile of it, BBBH made sauce.  We have had it on cake, on ice cream, and straight.  How blessed we are!


Grace said...

My eyes read "may goodness and..." and my brain read "May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life".

vanilla said...

Grace, that is a good thing. That Psalm went through my mind when I typed the line. I almost went back and wrote "mercy."

An afternoon outdoors has improved my outlook, just so you know. :-)

Lin said...

The delete button is underrated.

I love rhubarb sauce. I am dreaming of it over vanilla ice cream. YUM!

vanilla said...

Lin, the delete button is my friend.

That's my dish-- rhubarb over vanilla ice cream. Hmm. 9:45. Perhaps it is time for another go-round.

Vee said...

You'll be back soon.

Ilene said...

Writer's block. It happens.

Secondary Roads said...

Have you tried rhubarb shortcake? Yum!

vanilla said...

Vee, one hopes.

Ilene, or Spring fever?

Chuck, yep; yum, indeed.

KC Bob said...

Rant away my friend. Sometimes it is good for you. ツ

vanilla said...

KC Bob,. rants are sometimes cathartic and I am given to writing one occasionally. I don't post them unless I think I find some redeeming social value in them. :-0