Friday, April 17, 2015

An Admonition Shared Again

[This is a rerun from June 2011.  I was motivated to redact and repost it whilst visiting BBBH's facebook account.  People regularly post things that we wouldn't even tell our mothers. Especially would not tell our mothers.  Yet it is on display for the world to view.  Some of these people are near and dear to me.  They are not stupid, but one has to suspect that in many cases their judgment mill is running on fumes if at all.  I read my spouse's facebook pages?  It is only fair.  She can read my blogs if she wants.

I keep a journal, such as it is, as a private blog.  I maintain this blog site simply as a place to record thoughts, be they sensible or not. I look back at it once in a while, primarily to remind myself that it is a good idea not to share everything one thinks with everyone one knows. Or doesn't know.

It seems to me as I surf through the interwebs, as I read newspapers, and as I listen to the radio or television, that there are entirely too many people with too much to say which is unfiltered and unthought. I suspect I have been guilty of same. But I do try to confine much of the drivel that seeps through my mind to the private blog, or better yet, to the dustbin. When I choose to post something on String Too Short to Tie, it is my hope, while I know I was entertained by it, that if someone else should happen upon it, they, too, will be amused or enlightened.

So, in summary, think twice before posting once.
I do wish I could learn to apply that rule to conversations with BBBH!

This one showed up after I had put this post to bed, so I woke it up to insert this addendum.


Jim Grey said...

It's easy to forget that on Facebook, a missive you issue into the ether is seen by people very real to you.

I used to liken posting info on the Internet to standing on a streetcorner in midtown Manhattan and shouting out all of your deepest secrets: people would hear, but nobody would care.

Facebook, in contrast, is a small town. You would never shout your deepest secrets from any small-town streetcorner, at any rate not if you wanted to continue to live there.

Grace said...

I can't imagine anyone, with any sense, would disagree. But then that's the problem, isn't it? Good sense (common sense?) has gone the way of the horse and buggy.

Secondary Roads said...

Me too.

vanilla said...

Jim, good analogy. The only flaw is that in the small town everyone knows your secrets anyway. *sigh*

Grace, too right you are. Good sense these days is not at all common.

Chuck, &)

Shelly said...

A huge and hearty AMEN!

vanilla said...

Shelly, yes, thank you; and now that I could but practice what I preach.

Vee said...

Maybe Facebook should be renamed Dirty Laundry or My Ugly Life.

Lin said...

There have been times when I've posted in the evening only to wake up and delete before the post has aired. I like that there is a timer on the blog, whereas FB is immediate. Gotta be really careful on FB.

vanilla said...

Vee, it sometimes looks as though that is what it has turned into. Egocentrism reigns.

Lin, one of the reasons I put posts in queue ahead of time. Chances to look them over, think them over. I, too, have gotten up in the night to stop something that would go up at four ayem. Only once or twice, though. ;-)