Thursday, April 2, 2015

Interactive Post

in which you, dear Reader, supply the ending to the tale.

Business Ethics

Brooke completed her assignment, resentment welling up within, yet smile firmly fixed in place. Carrie was solo in the leather upholstered booth, thin stemmed crystal wine glass next to her plate. As Brooke handed the envelope to Carrie, she could not help but notice the lovely pink center beneath the perfectly seared crust of the New York strip swimming in its own juices on the plate.

Thank you, Dear.  There is no reply at the moment.

Clearly, Brooke had been dismissed.  She took the elevator to the sixth floor, walked to her cubicle, thoughts roiling in her mind.  She took the brown paper bag from the bottom desk drawer.  She opened the sack, found the sandwich within.  Brooke had peanut butter and jealous for lunch.

Brooke and Carrie had both been hired on the same day three years ago.  Now Carrie is supervisor of the department.  And, Brooke thinks, I am still a peon.  Worse, I have to report to her, and I have always been smarter and more capable than she is.

I could continue my work, do it to the best of my ability, and believe that everything will work out as it should in the end.  Or, I can work subtilly beneath the radar to expose the fraud for what she really is.  She'd get hers then.  Or.  The line of thought spun to an end as duty called her back to service.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to select a path for Brooke, go to the comments section and record in fifty-one words or less the denouement of the story, given the choice you have Brooke make.


vanilla said...

BBBH sent her entry via email:

She decides to throw herself into her job.

Sooner or later her talent will be noted. In the meantime she is being paid for the job she was hired for. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. If her boss doesn't work out she may be promoted. She didn't need to do anything mean. Both will get their just reward. (51)

vanilla said...

Also received via email this from Anon:

Equal parts Skippy crunchy and Karo corn syrup. Stir vigorously, smear generously on white bread. Sticky fingers, drippings down the chin. Nom! Nom!

vanilla said...

BBBH, Brooke appreciates your help in making an important life choice. She will carefully consider your suggestion.

Anon, seems to me this is a certain recipe for a sugar high and dental disaster. BTW, not my brand.

Vee said...

She needs to keep her focus on doing her job. When a less capable person gets a promotion, there is always a reason. That reason is not usually a good one.

vanilla said...

Vee, I believe you have stated an unfortunate truth. But yes; Brooke should do the right thing. A moral oughtness, you see. But does she see?

Ilene said...

As you BBBH and Vee all said, she should do the moral thing, but then how exciting a story arc would that create? But then I always was a bit of a rebel. I say go for it, Brooke. Expose her! But first you have to make the readers really love Brooke and really hate Carrie, in order for it to work. Beyond that, I'm not writing the story for you! I know I've gone beyond my 50 word limit, but would you have expected anything less from me?

vanilla said...

Ilene, expected, of course, and not disappointed. I have never told you that you were adopted, have I? Well, you weren't. I can swear to that. And even though you apparently read too many pop novels, we love you anyway. Happy Easter, dear Sister.

Sharkbytes said...

Brooke's thoughts were interrupted by Jon, who called across the room, "Hey, Brooke, let's grab a cold one after work."
Jon was head of the entire department. This could be interesting, Brooke thought. She returned to her duties and decided that office politics was a never-ending mine field, best played quietly.

(note to gamemaster- I agree with the spiritual points made, but the story needs a little more twisting before the ending)

vanilla said...

Sharkebytes, I agree with you. The moral high ground may well be the goal in telling the tale, but in order for a story to be a story, there needs to be, well, a story.
Thank you for your contribution. I like overtone of mystery you inject here. Gives Brooke something else to think about.

I noted too that you used exactly 51 words. Excellent work!

Sharkbytes said...

hee hee

vanilla said...

Joan, I knew that if you played along you would play it perfectly!