Saturday, March 8, 2014


Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2014 begins at 2:00 AM on
Sunday, March 9
which is great, because the clock on the car radio will be in agreement with convention again-- for six months.  (But nevertheless, the whole concept is stupid, imo.  It is particularly noxious because we live in a state that observes geographically incorrect time zone anyway, such that we are really on "daylight savings time" all the time.  Except when we are on double daylight time.  Check it out here.) 

Signs of Spring at Chez vanilla

Besides resetting the clocks tonight.

Friday, March 7, 12;47 p.m.  BBBH:  "There's a robin in our yard!"  Indeed there was.

1:45 - 2:30  It is 62o outside.  Really.  Vanilla is in the yard picking up sticks and branches that have lain on, in, and under the snow for many weeks.  Well, some longer than others, for they came down over a protracted period of time.  Some of the sticks had been lightened by the removal of the bark by the starving bunnies.  Glad we could help feed the poor little things.

2:32 p.m.  As he was walking toward the street, vanilla observed an F-250 flying down the road.  It stopped at the other end of the block.  Stop sign.  But then.  Then the driver puts the vehicle in reverse and flies back up the street, passing me at a pretty good hickory. Gets to cross street, stops.  Backs into said street.  To turn around?  Nay, not so.  To back the entire block down the street to the next street.  Then he backs a block up that street, a block back toward our street, and finally puts it in "forward" and proceeds out of sight to the north.  Signs of Spring everywhere, I tell ya.


Grace said...

I do not pretend to understand DST or even the other post about it - I'm a little dim that way. Also I was trying to follow that car's journey and was thinking why didn't he just go around the block or something like that - I have no spatial abilities, or sense of direction at all!

The weird weather continues - next week we could hit a high of 64 and then it plummets 20 or 30 degrees with nights below freezing...

Sharkbytes said...

Ha! Maybe his truck was stuck in reverse and he had to jog it loose. (Drove a truck once that would do that)

KC Bob said...

The weather tomorrow will be in the 60s and Monday in the 70s. Methinks DST is ushering in Spring in KC! Yay!

vanilla said...

Grace, I think you are not "dim" but rather have the sweet ability to accept things you can do nothing about without getting incensed about them. I should work on developing that attitude. Should have started aeons ago.

I could imagine no good reason for the "trip" the guy made in reverse. Perhaps there was no "good" reason, just a nut behind the wheel.

Sharkey, now that possibility never occurred to me. Really? A truck might do that?

KC Bob, got up to sixty here yesterday, one day only. Barely up to 35 today. Yet I am a believer; Spring will come. Some day.

Grace said...

You are too kind - I unfortunately get incensed about things I can do nothing about - DST just isn't one of them I guess - tho I have been known to rant about how silly it all is and how it does not make any sense. Mostly I don't care all that much?

Shelly said...

As I get older, I have more and more bad thoughts about DST. And the backwards driver? I hope he didn't hit anyone or anything whilst acting so strange!

vanilla said...

Grace, perhaps it is a human trait to allow annoyances to burrow into our serenity?

Shelly, the whole DST thing just seems to me to be silly.