Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25 March

Some quarter-century or so ago, I told my sister that the card I sent her on her birthday was the last reminder of her age I would provide.  I lied.
I may have let a few birthdays pass unremarked, but after a bit I realized that no matter the protestations to the contrary almost everyone likes to be reminded of a special day in their lives.  What could be more special than being born?

So the birthday cards again became a part of my recognition of this person who is important to me.
After a bit more time I realized, and I think the ladies realize as well, that there comes a point where age is a badge of honor, a paean to survival.  Now wrinkles, no, not so much, but the number associated with the birthday:  that is Okay.

Yet one never guesses a woman’s age, nor does he mention it if he already knows.
Therefore (fanfare please!) I wish my sister, Vee, a very happy birthday today, and a sincere wish that she will accumulate a whole lot more of them, and live happily and in good health while she does so. 

Vee blogs here.  Drop by and leave your greetings.

Baby Vee posing in front of the 
house in which she was born with
her parents and older brother.


Vee said...

Thank you for your birthday wish! You always make me feel very special on my birthday (and every other day as well). How blessed I was to arrive in a home where there was a wonderful big bro to protect and mentor me. Love you!

Sharkbytes said...

Happy birthday to Vee. Love the older brother pose too. You still stand that way. Om does the same thing... his posture in childhood pics is immediately recognizable.

Secondary Roads said...

HBD to Vee. You come from an amazing family.

Pearl said...

Consider it done.


Grace said...

Happy Birthday to Vee! Must be nice having such a cool brother 😃

(and Sharkbytes is on to something - the head tilt - still got it!)

vanilla said...

Vee, joy and happiness to you, now and forever.

Sharkey, very astute of you to note that. True. Posture and gait seem to stay with his throughout life.

Chuck, thank you.

Pearl, appreciate that.

Grace, too, the right foot still swings to the right. Passed that trait on to a couple of my own children.

Lin said...

SWEET family photo!! Happy Birthday, Vee!

vanilla said...

Lin, thank you! It may be my favorite photo of the family. But then it has a patina of nostalgia all over it.