Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dancing and Fishing

Did I tell you what Aunt Ida and her pal, Laura, did the day after they get to Cedar P'int?
Well, sir, Laura 'n Ida were up an' at 'em the next mornin'.  Now the ladies they was talkin' with on the verandy tells 'em more than they onc't know about this here park.  Sure, you can have a world a fun on those rides, but you seen nothin' 'til you see that dance hall, and hit full of people of an evenin'!

So they spend the day ridin' thet Cyclone, and alternatin' atwixt it and High Frolics.  What a view from seventy-five feet in the air!  But that don't last long afore the car come flyin' down th' other side.  "These monstrous coasters are the cat's pajamas!" enthused Laura.

And of course, they were in that swirlin' mob on the dance floor in the Coliseum that evenin'.

"It occurs to me," remark Ida when they return to their room later, "that while the pin was in the middle of the lake, we've done nothing but skirt along its shore."

"All right, then," respond Laura, "we need to find out what one does in the middle of the lake."

An' thet were their next day's project.  Fishin'.  Fishin' fer walleye, that's what one did in the middle a the lake.  So they go to Port Clinton and get a charter to take 'em fishin'.  "Ugh."  Laura's opinion.

"A wonderful lark," says Ida.  "And it is certainly something I've never done before."

Waal, they catch so many fish, and had such a good time, that Ida is hooked on fishin', so to speak, and say it is her new passion.  And there is a whole world of places out there where one can catch fish!  An' doncha know it was on'y a matter of a year afore Ida is off Cape Hatteras fishin' fer marlin.  Catch one, too.  Big one.  Land it herself.  Little bitty woman, five-foot two.  Tuk her nigh four hours to bring hit in.  Hit weigh 511 pounds, I recollect rightly.

Laura, though, did not share Ida's enthusiasm for anglin', so they two friends sorta drift apart.

© 2014 David W. Lacy


Vee said...

I'm with Laura. Anglin' is for the birds. It's much too boring and hard. As Linda Greenlaw wrote in "The Hungry Ocean," "What I do is called fishing. If it was easy, we would refer to it as 'catching,' and there would be a lot more people doing it."

Secondary Roads said...

Slim Dusty (Australia's king of country music) sing a song that goes in part, "The only time a fisherman tells the truth is when he calls another a liar."

vanilla said...

Vee, too, Linda might have said, Doing it in Canadian waters leaves a big hole in the pocket.

vanilla said...

Chuck, well, that's not nice. Accurate, though.

Vee said...

i"m sure Linda avoids Canadian waters now - maybe even Canada.

Sharkbytes said...

Believe it or not, I've hardly ever been fishing. One of those things Dad never got around to do with me.

vanilla said...

Vee, no doubt.

Sharkey, angling isn't everyone's kettle of fish. (But perhaps catching is.)