Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grist for the Mill

Playtime: 35 seconds.

The stories I garnered while we were sawing lumber have been written and are ready to post, and thus it is that one needs to prepare another tale. I find that my mill is turning, but there is no grist.  As I ponder this sorry state of affairs, suddenly I hear, as though he were sitting in the lounger opposite me, the voice of the Old Uncle.

Uncle Jep went on to fill me in on Aunt Ida's life in the City.

Yes, Uncle, thank you.  I think that may get me started.


Sharkbytes said...

I am smiling in anticipation. Nice to hear "Uncle Jep."

Secondary Roads said...

Uncle Jep has a bee-you-tee-full voice. That would have been a very good read, but it comes to life when one hears Uncle Jep tell it.

Grace said...

Love that voice LOL

vanilla said...

Sharkey, hope it is worth the wait.

Chuck, I have the "episode" on audio, but I've no idea how to post it, so I am limited to the limited size of the video I can post.

Grace, LOL right along with you.

Secondary Roads said...

You cannot insert an audio file directly into your blog post. If you have a place to store it online, you can insert a link in your post. If you search Blogger Help you can learn more.

vanilla said...

Chuck, indeed. I found "places" but they all want me to give them too much information. I'm not crazy about using a link for the purpose intended anyway. So I was hoping my "guru" knew a trick to circumvent blogger's aversion to audio clips. *grin*

Vee said...

It will be a nice experience - sitting back while Uncle Jep tells me about Aunt Ida's experiences in the city.

Hope you get the tech issues figured out.