Friday, January 13, 2012


Along Gulfport's Beach

Tuesday we left Shepard State Park and started a leisurely drive along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We had visited this area on our first winter escape to the South. We wanted to see the area as it is now, six years after Katrina. Much has been done to re-create and restore the area. Much has not been done. And much will never be completed, one suspects. A case in point is the development of "prime" beachfront property.

As we drove along US 90 in Gulfport and Pass Christian, we noted mile after mile of empty lots with "For Sale" signs adorning the frontage. It will take very nervy people with very deep pockets to create the change which would restore the area to the functional use of its previous life.

We crossed the new bridge into Bay Saint Louis and drove on in to Waveland where we had spent a couple of weeks, pre-Katrina. This area had been seriously damaged, and it was heartening to see that much of the town has been reclaimed. It was also the beginning of...

Reluctantly I report that things did not go well in Waveland, for it was past noon and we were both hungry. I pulled into a Hardees and BBBH strenuously objected that she was not eating at Hardees. Which did not deter me from the mission to get something to eat, but mostly I wanted a cup of coffee.

There was but one employee in the place, and he was in the kitchen. I stood, and stood, and waited and. And finally turned to go out the door when a young lady appeared from behind a door and asked if she could take my order. Torn between good sense and desire for caffeine, I went back and placed an order for burger, fries and coffee. She gave me a paper cup for the coffee. I went to the urn and drew a yellowy water which looked exactly like what you think it did. So I went back to the girl, showed her the stuff and she said, Oh, no problem. I'll make you a new pot. No, I said, just give me my food and I am out of here. And BBBH showed up in the lobby and chastised me for my rude and inconsiderate behavior, pretty much the last thing said for most of the day.

BBBH had her steak dinner in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The day ended in a campground twenty or so miles west of Lafayette, the name of which was "Frog City RV Park." We practically had to swim in, the roads were so covered with water.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been down south since Katrina, I can't imagine how devastating all that still is. I'd be in no hurry to rebuild.

And I noticed that a lot of fast food places don't bother with coffee after breakfast and early afternoon. I nearly freaked out in a Wendy's on a road trip because of that. We still had hours to drive and they only had decaf. Thank god for gas stations!

Vee said...

Our recent trip included lots of fast food places with bad coffee. I feel you pain!

Vee said...


Secondary Roads said...

I was in Biloxi B4 Katrina. Online after the storm, I saw one of the beautiful gulf-side homes in splinters. After reading your post today, I a checked satellite image of the area. That lot is still empty.

vanilla said...

silverthoughts2, I think scripture teaches something about the one who "builds on the sand." Yes, finding a cup of coffee along the byways of America has come to mean "convenience store." Decaf is worthless.

Vee, too many people, who obviously don't drink coffee, are willing to pretend to make coffee for people who do drink it.

Chuck, many, many empty lots. Good judgment would suggest that they should stay vacant. imho

Anonymous said...

Decaf is worthless no matter where you get it!

vanilla said...

Grace, exactly. Coffee is my preferred caffeine delivery system. NoCaf, no good.