Sunday, January 15, 2012


or, We Are About to Return to Real Time.

Our resting place in Galveston.

The breakers were very small, but the wind was blowing against them, creating interesting spray pattern.

I found humor in this setting.. Bigify to read sign

I read yesterday's article to BBBH. She said it wasn't funny, had no pizzazz. I did not know what to do about that, since I called it as I saw it. She said, Okay, it's your blog.

In Galveston, we stayed at Dellanera RV Park, which is located quite literally on the beach. We enjoyed the early part of the stay, as it is always a thrill for each of us to be on the ocean. Well, next to it, not on it. Late in the afternoon, though, the wind started to kick up and by nightfall the RV was rocking in the breeze. Breeze, that is, with gusts up to fifty miles an hour. Nevertheless, I slept well; BBBH not so much.

Thursday morning we started on down Galveston Island toward Freeport. While we did note some properties that had suffered damage from Hurricane Ike in 2008, most houses were either repaired, rebuilt, or razed. Overall, the strip looked normal and we were both amazed, once again, at the number of people who apparently have more money than they know what to do with, for these abodes are not fishing shacks, or even, as they are more likely known, "summer cottages." "Mansions" springs to mind.

Off the island and back on the mainland, we went through Freeport, Texas's number one least scenic area. From that point southward, the route is quite familiar to us, as we have taken it many times over the past few years. One stretch of Texas 521 is quite desolate, but the road is good, if narrow, and we made that part of the drive without incident. We connected with Texas 35 at Palacios where we stopped to make and consume lunch while enjoying the scenery of a commercial parking lot.

I enjoyed the drive across Lavaca Bay into Port Lavaca while Beautiful dozed. Somewhat later as we were crossing Copano Bay just above Rockport, she awakened in time to take in that bit of scenery. Minutes later we were "back home again" at Ancient Oaks RV Park where we will stay a week while some repairs are done, the laundry is done, and some sheer enjoyment of Coastal Texas takes place by Yours Truly.


Vee said...

I have to wonder about the purpose of the picnic tables.

Glad you are at your destination and enjoying!

Lin said...

I am sincerely jealous. I would kill to smell the salt air and feel the sand between my toes right about now! Enjoy for me, pally!

vanilla said...

Vee, I was advised that campers were welcome to use the facility. The sign was for "drive-ins."

Lin, I truly don't mean to take an "attitude" but as I get some sand between my toes, I will think of you. (One of the things we sing along our way here is, "Goin' down to Texas, to get some sand in my shoes."