Monday, January 16, 2012

Or Fish and Chips

The post office is on vacation today, Federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. But the RV repair shop is open. They are almost always willing to do stuff for money. So the rig is in the shop this morning. Need to get that new coach battery (remember Bowling Green, Ky?) and we need to get a tune-up for the generator, which we virtually never use. But the one time we wanted to use it, it refused to run longer than fifteen seconds at a time.

Have to have the faucet assembly for the shower replaced. Hoping against hope that that is the end of the list, because that will create a sufficient dent in the exchequer.

Meanwhile, BBBH and I will be on the little red scooter scooting around Rockport. Probably beach, maybe some fresh cold boiled shrimp for lunch. For me, that is. BBBH prefers her shrimp with "clothes," that is, breaded. She says the naked ones are, well, unappetizing. She's so wrong.


Jim said...

Eh, let her have her breaded shrimp. It leaves more boiled shrimp for you!

Secondary Roads said...

Oh the joys of life on the road . . . Your life is filled with adventure.

Vee said...

I hope you have a fun day traveling around on the little scooter. (Agree with BBBH about the shrimp.)

Sharkbytes said...

About the only way I like shrimp is cold and naked. with cocktail sauce. The image of you on the scooter made me smile.

vanilla said...

Jim, yes, she is welcome to them. Though in truth, I won't turn down breaded ones if they are offered.

Chuck, seems to be so. Some adventures are more welcome than others.

Vee, you might give the naked ones another chance? Scootering was fine, indeed. 82 degrees this afternoon.

Shark, that is, I am sure, a funny image: the two of us on a teeny scooter. But except for bucking the headwind on the way "home" we made really good time. Beaches, piers, and even, dare I say a stop at WM for prescription.