Monday, January 30, 2012

Teacher Again, in Memory

(For the next few days you will find recycled posts on String Too Short to Tie. Each may be modified somewhat from the original. This will give me time to think through some issues, including whether or not to continue with this platform.)
I recently had a flashback to my days in front of the classroom. I recalled this incident.

Last period of the day. Eighth grade math class. This group is the "band section." It has been demonstrated that there is a positive correlation between musical ability and math ability, which is to say this was a bright bunch of kids, but disadvantaged by being in a last period class. That is, the kids, and the teacher, had already been through six other class periods.

Keeping the attention a top priority, the teacher is performing brilliantly. In the course of the exposition, he makes a statement that inspires Jack to inquire about an issue that does not bear directly on the lesson, but it is related to the topic. Teach understands that this is a valid question and responds, and I quote, "I don't know right off-hand, but I have that information in my drawers. Give me a chance to look for it."

No reaction, except that I note that fourth seat back, far right hand row, Jane has a wicked sparkle in her eye and the formation of the grin on her face tells me she is about to let go. I make eye contact with her, hard stare, glower as if silently to say, If you do, you're dead. She relaxed, I relaxed and proceeded with the lesson.

This has been one of my favorite "teacher" stories over the years. Were I to meet Jane somewhere today, she would be sixty years of age and probably would have absolutely no memory of this incident. And I would not remind her.


Shelly said...

Still laughing! I'll bet Jane still has a memory of it. And, I do hope you continue on this platform~

Lin said...

Well, you'd better continue!

Jim said...

See, now, I would have let Jane laugh. I can see I would have had a dreadful time maintaining classroom order had I become a teacher.

Vee said...

Interesting things happen because of double "meanings" of words. Despite those meanings, people still name sons John.

vanilla said...

Shelly, we strive to entertain! I do not plan to quit blogging, but I may choose to do it differently.

Lin, I'm sure you'll be able to find me somewhere.

Jim, I know. And it would have been fun; but there was still a lesson to get through.

Vee, yes, we are plagued with language difficulties. Amazing, though, how much of the silliness we relegate to the trashbin after the teen years are over. Dad always said, Everyone climbs fools' hill.

Jack said...

I think it is know as a double entendre if I am not wrong..

vanilla said...

Jack, I think you are right. And they can trip one up when he least expects it!

vanilla said...
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