Thursday, January 26, 2012

137 Drops of Rain

At four in the morning I awakened
My heart leaped with joy and was taken
with delight, for on the rooftop were drops
of rain! What a joyous night
that there should fall
this blessing for us all!
But one could almost count before it stopped
the raindrops as they plopped
upon the roof. 137 drops of rain
Would not ease the Earth’s pain.
We cry out, “Oh, Lord, give us water,”
But all is quiet now. Will it rain later?

We winter Texans love the sun,
Enjoy the warmth, have lots of fun.
But true Texans who wrest their living from the soil
Or feed their families by honest toil
Need rain most desperately, Lord,
Would you grant us, is our prayer,
A freshening downpour, we are in your care!


Shelly said...

A terrific poem, and one I am in full agreement with- Yes, Lord, Send us rain!

Vee said...

Great writing! How close are you to where the tornado when through?

Secondary Roads said...


vanilla said...

Shelly, and how ironic that as I prepared these lines for posting there should be such rain released to the north that it was too much.

Vee, thank you. Not at all close to any severe weather, or to any wet weather, for that matter. Forecast for next eight days: dry and sunny.

Chuck, thank you for the amen. Rain is desperately needed here. Other parts of Texas got a soaking, but not this part.

gallerydarrow said...

We are suffering here in California too, such a strange and dry winter.......

I'm praying for us both!

vanilla said...

gallerydarrow, thank you. Adding your area to our prayerz.

vanilla said...

Apology. I hate the terminal "z" thing on words demanding an ess. But the computer on which I was working has no ess. No ears or eyes, either.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

How I sincerely wish I could send all this New York rain west. We could share a good 3/4 of it and still have plenty left over for our green growth.

vanilla said...

Rebecca, it seems there is no scarcity of rain. It is simply a distribution problem.