Monday, August 1, 2011

Perseverance and Rejuvenation

Strolling around the secret garden gave me as much inspiration to move on with my life as has any one other thing recently.
Here, the flowers, though struggling through excessive heat and extremely dry conditions, struggle valiantly to provide some color in an otherwise dreary and oppressive summer.
The least I can do is pick myself up, swat the dust out of my britches and get on with living. So, I am back!

A few lilies continue to provide a daily splash of color. The echinacea and the yarrow soldier on. The black-eyed Susans provide a nice complement to the lavender of the cone flowers.

Notice too that the thistles still have their place in the garden, just as there are some thorns in the lives of even the most cheerful, the most righteous and the most just amongst us.

Well, I'm pumped. I hope that we all open our eyes to the beauties around us, and if there are any "life lessons" to be learned, to heed them and ponder them, and apply them to our lives.

You know why I can't tie up the loose ends on this blog? String's too short.


Secondary Roads said...

Welcome back. I'm glad your strings are so short. :)

Vee said...

Glad you are back!

vanilla said...

Chuck, I thank you. I appreciate your loyalty.

Vee, thank you. Hope there'll be something here that is interesting, at least from time to time!