Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Sister

August 2. The birthday of my little sister, a beautiful summer day, bringing into our house a lively revival of the days my parents probably thought were in their distant past-- an infant to care for, and to love and nurture.

My sister, Vee, and I at this time in our lives, being ten and thirteen, probably thought we were pretty much (half) grown.

My parents had first thought to name the child "Grace," for they deemed it true that it was by the grace of God that this miracle had visited them in their advancing years. Dad, though, always looking at all the angles, feared that as she grew up she would be called "Gracie Lacy." For some reason, he did not find this to be a pleasing prospect, so they chose instead to name the child after a good friend.

Sister and I were pretty excited to have a baby sister, and since the responsibilty for her ultimate welfare rested with the parents, we had a sweet deal going. I left home before she started kindergarten, and thus did not really get to know Ilene until years later, and that in our adult lives. Happy Birthday, Ilene.

I posted a birthday tribute a year ago here.


Vee said...

I remember that day well. Exciting day in our household! It was also later in our lives when she and I bacame friends. She was only nine when I was married.

Vee said...

Okay, we "became" friends!

Secondary Roads said...

I was 14 when my kid sister was born. And it did take years to get to know her.

Anonymous said...

Tripping over lots of end of July, beginning of August birthdays...Happy Birthday all you Leos

John Cowart said...

Hi Vanilla,

What a nice tribute to your baby sister.

I'm glad you are back posting on this site; the Barbed Wire one would not accept my comments.

Nice photos of your flowers.

We are not freezing here in Florida either.

John Cowart

Ilene said...

Thanks Big Brother.

vanilla said...

Vee, days gone by--nostalgia.
Days to come--hope and love.

Chuck, amazing how many teenagers "got" new siblings!

Grace, surely are a lot of birthdays on our July/August calendar here, too.

John, thank you for reading and commenting. I certainly appreciate your "Rabid Fun" blog.

Ilene, you are welcome. Hope it was a great birthday, the gateway to many more happy years to come!