Friday, August 12, 2011

Maternal Great Grandparents Palmer

William Amos Palmer Family

The above photograph was taken about 1892. Since the Palmers were residing in Hawkins County, Tennessee at the time, it is safe to assume that this picture was taken in that locale. Seated are William Amos Palmer and Amanda Lawson Palmer. To his right is Laura Jane, on his lap, Samuel Baxter. Seated on his mother's lap is William Ellis. Standing are Sarah Margaret and Mary Matilda, the eldest child.
This picture was taken many years later, probably in California. These five are also children of William and Amanda. The only one in this picture who was in the top picture is Mary Matilda, second from right.
Born after the 1892 picture were Bessie, Beatrice, Garney, and Ida.

With the genealogical tables and a little calculation, one discerns that the first of Amanda's nine children was born in 1880 when she was nineteen, the last one in 1906 when she was forty-five. Matilda is my mother's mother. Bessie, my mother's aunt, was born two years before my Mom.

William Amos Palmer 22 December 1849 - 25 March 1928

Amanda Jane Lawson Palmer 1 January 1861 - 23 May 1923

Both William and Amanda are buried in Hartman Cemetery, Prowers County, Colorado. Mrs. Palmer's parents are featured in this post.


Vee said...

Great looking family, huh?

Ilene said...

Love the matching outfits. The country store must have had a sale on plaid! Interesting fashion statement.

vanilla said...

Vee, indeed!

Ilene, you are such a fashionista. You would remark on the sartorial splendor of the relatives. It is "cute" isn't it?