Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Franklin Roosevelt enshrined the Four Freedoms forever in America's thought life in his State of the Union address in 1941. What many forget is that FDR was positing a set of ideals to encompass world-wide acceptance, i.e., these freedoms should apply equally to all peoples everywhere.

His first two ideals, or freedoms, were taken directly from the Bill of Rights. We would all agree that freedom of speech and freedom to worship in one's own belief system as he chooses are righteous and justifiable aims. Well, everyone with the possible exception of the most rabid of those who insist on political correctness to the point of denying my right to speak my mind, nay, to the point of denying me the right to think as I will. Anyway, more later in the lesson.

The third and fourth of Roosevelt's "freedoms" have been debated for decades, both lauded and applauded, and ridiculed as impractical, even undesirable. The concept of world-wide freedom from want lays the very foundation for the application of "from those who have to those who need." Without strictures, there is denial of the responsibility for each to provide for his own. There is no allowance for impoverishment due to bad decision making and poor choices. It is written: freedom from want.

The fourth freedom, freedom from fear, to Roosevelt in his impassioned plea, was a statement against war1 and armament and political aggression. That human beings can live without fear is alien to man's very nature. No point in discussing it.

At any rate, I stumbled across this in my reading recently. It was written by "Ed" of Vermont2, and cuts too close to the very bone of today's society to be funny, although you may laugh if you wish. There is still that freedom, at least. So long as you do so in the privacy of your own home.

The new politically correct four freedoms:

• Freedom From Discomfort, Insult and Offense. (Stop whistling those dirty songs.)
• Freedom From Responsibility and Cause and Effect. (It's not my [or their] fault, ever; although it might be yours.)
• Freedom From Reason & Absolutes. (It is inconvenient and undesirable for that condition to be true.)
• Freedom From Knowledge, Discourse & Debate. (Don't confuse me with your set of alleged facts; what I tell you three times is true. If you don’t understand that you are just stupid…and a bigot; and so are your sources, all of them, every one.)

1Soon to be followed by entry into the greatest of all wars.
2 Randy Cassingham's Blog.


John Cowart said...

Hi Vanilla,

I miss reading your blog for just a couple of days and when I get back you've revealed all sorts of things!

Your eyes and her gout top the list of concerns.

Your blog cartoon and the Four Freedoms post ring true.

I'll try to keep up from now on.

John Cowart

Secondary Roads said...

It seems that meaning of "politically correct" is "wrong," which makes sense. If you think about it.

vanilla said...

John, I truly appreciate your taking time from you busy schedule to check up on Vanilla.

Chuck, yes, once one has thought through the implications of the PC label, he automatically thinks "wrong" when he hears it!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I would laugh, except that people seem to really believe that.

vanilla said...

Shark, you have pinpointed exactly what is not funny about it.

Vee said...

Great post! I'm now caught up on your posts from the time I was away from my computer. I hate missing them.

vanilla said...

Vee, thank you so much. You are such a dedicated "follower." I am happy for you that you had a great cruise!