Friday, August 26, 2011

Paternal Great Grandparents Taylor

Francis Marion Taylor Family
I have only two pictures of my Great Grandmother Taylor. This was taken when she was ninety years of age, and only shortly before her death. I have a fuzzy picture of a worker in a sawmill which I have been told is Mr. Taylor, but to reproduce it here would serve no enlightening purpose.

Francis Marion Taylor, Jr. born 1841 in Putnam County, Missouri. He was the son of Francis Marion and Mary Morris Taylor. Sarah Anna Chapman born 1844 in Buchanan County, Missouri. She was the daughter of William and Mary Brown Chapman.

Mr. Taylor first married Claranna Hull. This union resulted in three children, John, James, and one who died as an infant.

Miss Chapman's first husband was James M. Curtis, by whom she had three children, Carrie, Alvin, and Robert.

Both of these young people were widowed while still young. They were married in Troy, Kansas in 1875. They had five children together. Thus, my grandmother had both paternal and maternal half-siblings, as well as three full brothers and a sister. The children of Frank and Sarah Taylor are Willard, Mary Frances, Tempa Adeline (my grandmother) Francis Marion III, and Jesse.

The young Mrs. Curtis apparently "shaved" three years off her age when the marriage license was issued. One has to wonder what Mr. Taylor thought when he discovered this deception. Or if he ever did, for that matter.

Mr. Taylor engaged in farming and timbering, and he operated a sawmill. He was a lay minister of the Gospel. A few years after his death, Mrs. Taylor took up residence in the home of her daughter, Tempa Lacy. These ladies died within three days of each other, influenza and the complications of pneumonia being the cause of death in each case.

Francis Marion "Frank" Taylor, May 10, 1841 - September 21, 1920

Sarah Anna Chapman Taylor, September 5, 1844 - January 15, 1935

Frank Taylor is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Arkansas City, Kansas.

Sarah Anna Taylor is buried in Wiley Cemetery, Wiley, Colorado.


Sharkbytes said...

What an interesting idea- to do some genealogy posts on a blog. She looks like a fascinating lady.

vanilla said...

Shark, I suspect some of the family members appreciate it more than most readers; but I need to do this.
I never got to know gg'ma. She died when I was six months old.