Friday, August 5, 2011

Maternal Great Grandparents Morell

The Samuel Harvey Morell Family

This photograph was taken in Scott County, Virginia, probably on the Morell homeplace in Robinette Valley about 1909, give or take a year. Samuel Harvey Morell and his wife, Sarah Harris Morell seated. Youngest child, Marshall between them. The other children are Betty, Christopher, Florence, George, Thomas Jefferson.

Not in this picture are the older children, Samuel Harvey Morrell and William "Bill" Morell. Sam was married and had moved to Colorado some years earlier, and it is believed that Bill went with him.

Samuel Harvey Morell, January 12, 1847 - April 13, 1937
Sarah Morell (his wife), July 25, 1851 - May 18, 1932

Both are interred in the Moneyhun-Morell Cemetery, Plum Grove #9, on back of hill where the Morell house once stood.
Each Friday for the next few weeks will focus on my ancestry. Family members may appreciate this; others, perhaps not.


Vee said...

Interesting! They appear to ba a rather successful family. That is not the perception most people have of those living in the hill country of Virginan in the early 1900's.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Old photographs are so interesting. I can't help but compare the people of old to our modern culture. No soft, arrogant faces here, just skin creased and crinkled with hard work. No cleavage and rippling biceps here, just clothes that do what they're supposed to. No fancy hairdos and bling and certainly no smarmy looks on the young folks' faces.

vanilla said...

Vee, is it not interesting how we are prone to stereotype?

Rebecca, it is interesting that you study the photo for comparison with today's culture. I like your statement; and from it I extrapolate that if we have gained much in the interim, we have lost much more! Thank you.