Sunday, August 14, 2011

Her "Pet" Weed

A weed came up volunteer, as weeds are wont to do, near our front entry. I, butcher that I am, wanted to pull it when it was a mere four inches tall. BBBH, on the other hand, saw its potential. She insisted I leave it alone. In a very short time, well, here you see the result as Beautiful poses with her creature.

I have insisted that it shall be cut down before it goes to seed, for we are in an agricultural community, and I wish to remain here. She has forestalled me for a couple of weeks now, but today she finally agreed that it should go. It is not long for this spot.

Yes, there is an ornamental plum tree behind the weed, but it is pretty much obscured.



John Cowart said...

Yes. We have some large trees right next to the house; I often wish the former owner had cut them down when they were small.

Vee said...

Beautiful looks, well, beautiful!

vanilla said...

John, one guesses that people plan to cut the stuff when its small. Otherwise, bade placement.

Vee, I shall tell her you said so!

Lin said...

Yeah/no. Off with its head! (and it's feet too!)

vanilla said...

Lin, you'll be pleased to know that it is gone. And you would have been amazed at the "feet"-- extended yards in several directions.