Thursday, August 4, 2011

Watching Television

I enjoy NCIS. I watch the original CSI. Not a problem, so long as one suspends belief in reality. I mean, trained scientific crime scene investigators travel all over the place, armed and prone to shoot it out with the bad guys? CSI Miami and NCIS LA are particularly bad about this. About 400 .30 and .40 caliber rounds are fired and the only guys that are hit are the bad guys. Two good guys, or gals, often, with their little pistols wipe out seven bad guys with AK-47s.

Superior training, one supposes. Or, it pays to stand on the side of the angels.

Then we expect real-life cops to wrap up a case in forty-two minutes (not counting commercial breaks), and we are ticked when the case drags on for months. Young woman in our area disappeared and has been missing for sixty-two days. A true tragedy, and not to be taken lightly. But if the TV cops had been on the case, she would have been found 61 days ago. Oh, Poppy, Mariska, where are you when we really need you?



Anonymous said...

My husband was on a tour of the FBI crime labs (or whatever they are called) as part of his job at the time and he was told that a lot of the stuff you see on these CSI shows don't exist and can't be done!

Mike Golch said...

the magic of TV.real life is totally different.

SethC said...

I know several Crime Scene Investigators who laugh when people ask them about what parts of the show are exaggerated. They then explain that all of the show is exaggerated, and most of the "science" is fake. lol!

vanilla said...

Grace, exactly. One of the reasons one must "suspend belief" when watching. The tragedy is that so many people get sucked into it and come to believe that the real world should operate that way; then they become critical of law enforcement because it doesn't. I mean, it's fiction, for crying out loud.

Mike, indeed real life bears little resemblence to TV, even the "news"casts.

SethC, I particularly like the one where a tech swabs for a "DNA sample" and two minutes later, "Voila! We have a match."