Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Circle

We received a mailing from the nice people at "Family Circle" offering us an opportunity to save big money by subscribing now! Or I could save even more by not subscribing. My take, not theirs.

A few days ago, we visited a memory from my youngest son's childhood and discussed Green Stamps. Today, we go back a generation and look at a childhood memory of my own. Mom, when she needed staples that we did not grow or kill, would make a trip to the Safeway. A premium they offered in that far-distant day was a copy of "Family Circle." I believe that at one time it was free with purchase, but while I was yet a lad, they raised the price to a nickel. This may have been a two-edged function of market economics. It would have put a stop to the kids coming in to buy a five-cent candy bar, then taking their complimentary copy of the magazine. This is not outside the realm of possibility. I enjoyed the magazine because it had some funny cartoons in each issue. And I was not above trying a new cake recipe from time to time. The other economic aspect is this: a nickel is more than nothing.

I am choosing not to subscribe to today's "Family Circle," for it is not a great deal different from most of the other publications in the genre known as "women's magazines." And in fact, it is owned by the same people who publish a number of other similar items. Actually, the company is quite large in communications, owning thirteen television stations and a radio outlet. The CEO is a Lacy*, but that is irrelevant, or perhaps I should say, unrelated.
*Stephen M. Lacy, CEO Meredith Corporation


Anonymous said...

I remember the magazine but only by name - don't think a copy ever made it's way into our house but 3 daily newspapers did. And then when I was 14 a 4th newspaper made an appearance which my father railed against - I actually, horror of horrors - began reading the NY Times - you know that "communist, pinko newspaper" My father and I had such interesting conversations...

Vee said...

I remember Family Circle in our home but had no idea it was a perk for purchasing groceries.

vanilla said...

Grace, with four newspapers in the house and at least two avid readers, I'm sure there were some fascinating 'discussions.'

Vee, that was long ago and far away. Things have changed a lot during the years.