Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Beginning

Depending on your location on the globe, today is either summer solstice or it is winter solstice. We say in the northern hemisphere, "Today is the first day of summer," somehow totally overlooking the fact that we have already sweltered through many days of ninety+ heat. So, technically today is the first day of summer. It just got a running start!


Anonymous said...

Great shot of the lily!

Vee said...

Again, you make me wonder why we aren't living where I can grow flowers. Awesome picture!

I haven't thought much in recent years about the two times during year when the solstice occurs, but long ago during a college astronomy class I understood (memorized) lots of information on the topic.

Secondary Roads said...

In parts of Europe, they call it midsummer. Doesn't exactly make sense to me, but it doesn't have to.

vanilla said...

Jim, I thank you. When I moved to Indiana 50 years ago, I was taken with the "roadside lilies." About ten years ago, I transplanted a couple of corms to our yard, and now I have a plethora of them. But I still like them a lot.

Vee, learn by grasping the concept, or learn by rote. Either way will get you past the test!

Chuck, a case can be made for that, but why bother? We live in the States, so we'll use our convention.