Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was in our local public library. In the foyer they maintain a table of books for sale, paperbacks four bits, hardcovers a buck. Sometimes folk don't know what they have. I found two hard bound Pogo books. Best two dollars I have spent in a long time. Pogo `a la Sundae, 1977 Gregg Press, and Uncle Pogo So-So Stories 1977 Gregg Press, original copyright 1953.
These are a wonderful addition to my Pogo collection. The bike ride to town was well-worth the effort expended!

I posted an article about Walt Kelly in the Philosophers I Admire series two and half years ago.

Clip from Uncle Pogo So-So Stories.


Vee said...

Great bargains! I wonder how many people who quote from Pogo books know where the quotes originated.

Secondary Roads said...

A delightful strip had Pogo.
Pity that he's become a no-show.


Anonymous said...

I always liked Pogo as a kid - I probably didn't "get it" but I remember liking it...

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Pogo was so much fun. My dad and I liked it.

Lin said...

I have a little Pogo figure from when I was a child. I wonder if it is worth anything?

vanilla said...

Vee, well Pogo was rather popular back in the day.

Chuck, when I look at some of the "strips" as run by a successor to the original artist, I have to say maybe we are fortunate that Pogo went the way of Kelly.

Grace, the beauty of Pogo was that it could be enjoyed on several levels, and while a child might miss some of the nuances and the politics, she could still enjoy the swamp critters for their loveable selves!

Shark, your testimony is heart-warming, for I picture a young girl and a daddy enjoying cartoon fun together.

Lin, that's cool. Might be.