Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog Interactions

A few days ago blogger pal Sharkbytes posted an article in which she honored the most frequent commenters on her blogsite. Seemed like fun to me, because I very much enjoy and appreciate reading comments from readers of String Too Short to Tie.

I tallied the comments made on STSTT during May, and here are the results listing the top five commenters for that month.

1. Vee with 23 comments. Thanks, Sis.

2. Sharkbytes commented 21 times. Shark not only likes to get comments, she likes to post them as well.

3. Chuck logged in 18 comments. Like Sharkbytes, Chuck is a Michiganian.

4. Lin remarked on the blog 13 times. This gives places 2,3, and 4 to Midwesterners, since Lin is a Chicago resident.

5. Ilene wrote something seven times, barely nudging past Jim at six and Grace at five times. Little Sis made the top five! (No link since she does not blog.)

Do you enjoy comments on your blog?



Vee said...

I do like getting comments on my blog. I wish there was a feature that sent my responses directly to the person who made the comment.

Your blogs are always great and comment worthy!

Since I was the one who responded most during one month to your blog, do you think that might be an indication that I'm at my computer way too much?

Anonymous said...

Clearly I have been remiss in my commenting duties!

Anonymous said...

Since my blog has few readers and the readers I have are my friends I'm always glad to hear from them. They do try to make their comments interesting even tho what they respond so often is not...They are supportive when I'm blue (which is all to often) and I couldn't survive without them.

Secondary Roads said...

Yes, I do enjoy comments. That's why I have a recent comments gadget in the side column.

Thanks for describing Shark and I as Michiganians. I do prefer that term.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks so much, vanilla! I admit I was curious at first because you were in Indiana and Chuck liked you, but it was easy to become a blog friend just because I like what you write.

Lin said...

I love comments and commenting! You and the pallies make it so easy to visit and comment--if only I had more time each day to do more of it. Ugh! There aren't enough hours in the day to do all that I want!

vanilla said...

Vee, thank you! "Hi, my name is David, and I'm an Internet addict." Join us?

Jim, comments are appreciated, but not required. Thanks for reading STSTT!

Grace, please do count me as a blog friend. I appreciate the work you do to operate an interesting blog!

Chuck, being a "Hoosier" I too often hear the "Michigander" joke; but how will we ever garner your respect if we don't stop that?

Shark, thank you so much for that! I enjoy having you as a blog pal. You keep me on my toes... I try to be correct when I comment on anything in nature's realm, for you will call me on it if I err.

Lin, there truly isn't enough time. Prioritize: there is life outside the interwebby thing!
Thank you for being a blog pally.