Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Plate

The USDA with the star-power assistance of Lady Michelle has introduced a replacement for the venerable nutrition pyramid which generations of children learned in their elementary school health classes.

The new icon is "simpler and easier to understand," code, I suspect, for "the American people are no longer smart enough to understand a simple pyramid." But fortunately, you have us to look out for you. And besides, the old gadget actually had dessert foods on it, a definite no-no in this new age of nutritional health for all.

Roll-out costs for the new gadget is said to be two million dollars.

I've long said, and I will say it again, "Eat dessert first-- life is uncertain."

Coming soon to a bonfire near you! Cookbook burning! Be sure to get Grandma's snickerdoodle and persimmon pudding recipes.


Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a dessert person. Can I just have extra meat instead?

Vee said...

How did we stay so healty and fit as kids without the government monitoring what we put into our mouths? Oh, it probably had to do with home cooked meals and running and playng outdoors until the streetlights came on and Dad stood on the front porch and whistled for his brood to come inside.

Bring the pie you pictured and come for dinner! I'll furnish the meat and veggies.

Grace said...

Persimmon pudding? I bet that is delicious - haven't had a decent persimmon in 50 years - at least.

As to the new food guide - I have spatial problems so they look pretty much the same to me - equal amounts of everything - and yeah, like anyone ever followed that.

Hot button topic - people, intelligent people even - complaining about weight gain in the same paragraph with "Mmmm- McD's and a super vente latte choco-mocho-whipped cream macchiato" (or whatever the heck they call those supposedly coffee abominations). Don't get me started...

Have a niiiice day-a!

vanilla said...

Hey, guys. Jim's here. Throw on four more brats and a couple chops!

Vee, of course it had to do with the "free range" lifestyle for the kids and Mom in the kitchen. Wish I could bring over a pie. I'd love to have one of your meals. Brisket?

Grace, Grace, you crack me up. I wish you would do a "coffee" post, for I think you and I are on the same page here. Hot and black.

Sharkbytes said...

The "new" pyramid was ridiculous. The plate is much better. The costs to change all the promotional stuff is nuts

vanilla said...

Shark, you make an excellent clarification. The "new" pyramid was indeed ridiculous. But so is the expenditure involved in cutting a plate into four colored sectors!