Thursday, June 23, 2011

Think Twice

I keep a journal, such as it is, infrequently as I post therein, as--
Well, this post I dropped on it over a year ago is explanatory:

I maintain this blogsite simply as a place to record thoughts, be they sensible or not. I look back at it once in a while, primarily to remind myself that it is a good idea not to share everything one thinks with everyone one knows. Or doesn't know.

It seems to me as I surf through the interwebs, as I read newspapers, and as I listen to the radio or television, that there are entirely too many people with too much to say which is unfiltered and unthought. I suspect I have been guilty of same. But I do try to confine much of the drivel that seeps through my mind to the private blog, or better yet, to the dustbin. When I choose to post something on String Too Short to Tie, it is my hope that, while I know I was entertained by it, if someone else should happen upon it they, too, will be amused or enlightened.

So, in summary, think twice before posting once.
I do wish I could learn to apply that rule to conversation with BBBH!


John Cowart said...

Hi Vanilla,

Just visiting via your comment on Matt's blog.

Ranging over your main page I encountered this bit of wisdom that broke me up: "Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines". Thanks for that one!

For the past 35 or so years I've kept an (almost) daily journal. I original started when I was a Boy Scout and read "Dracula", a novel written in the form of journals and diaries. After many stops and starts, I more or less developed the habit of using a blog format, as you say, simply as place to record thoughts, sensible or not.

My wife and I have six grown kids, most of whom are geeks, and they set up my blog and website as a place for me to write my journal--Alas, they hardly ever read my stuff. They've heard it all before.

Unfiltered and unthought--that's me. But I keep writing--Ginny says at least it keeps me off the streets.

John Cowart

Lin said...

I'm soooo guilty of this. And I never seem to learn. I say things and they come out wrong, or I say too much, thinking I'm funny and in reality, I'm an idiot. I need to think more, say less.

Thanks for the reminder, pally. (I think those around me thank you too!)

Secondary Roads said...

Excellent advice my friend.

Vee said...

Good advice! I'll try to remember this post the next time I'm writing.

Anonymous said...

Yes that's why I keep a private blog - there are things one might discuss around the kitchen table or at the hairdressers that wouldn't be too nifty on a public blog...tho I do admire those folks who do let fly about what is important to them or annoying to them or nonsensical to them or is totally un-PC. And then I know that there are things I am adamant about that some kind folks who read my blog would be hurt or offended by, different strokes for different folks, but still - and I don't want to do that - so those topics are saved for the kitchen table...

vanilla said...

John, I have appreciated your comments on "The Church of No People" for some time, though I rarely comment. Matt does a nice job.

I kept a journal for several years, but blogging has sort of replaced that.

Lin, I have to remind myself from time to time. Fortunately, I have lived long enough to have figured out that "freedom of speech" also implies freedom to keep my mouth shut.

Chuck, it is, and I have to remind myself daily.

Vee, I am learning to be more careful in my writing, but my mouth still blurts incompletely processed stuff.

Grace, I admit I do occasionally "enjoy" reading a good rant, but mostly I try to keep mine off the blog. Doesn't mean there aren't things I'm passionate about! ;-)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Journals are funny things. I tend to post the positive things on MQD, but I put all the darkness in the journal.