Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shopping Excursion, Part Two

As I related yesterday, we stopped at the mall for a spot of shopping. As it happened, we were on the way home from a graduation party for granddaughter Dakota. When we stepped into the parking lot, the outdoor temperature was 97o. But it was air conditioned in the big box, so merrily we did our things. We had been in the premises about an hour when a voice came over the loud hooter asking that all shoppers and all employees proceed calmly to the restrooms. Of course, sheep that we are, everyone complied.

We were herded into the employee "break room," a facility about 12' x 15', which allowed each individual about three or four square feet of floor space. One lady was in a wheel chair, and clearly needed a double allotment. The baby in arms across the way was less troublesome than were the several small children in the room. At any rate, I had been in the room less than five minutes when it became necessary for me to depart. One actually needs to breathe, so I thought I would sacrifice my oxygen in the room to those who remained. Always thinking of others. The hallway was ever so much better!

It was somewhat short of an eternity before we were "dismissed." I headed for the cash register with the items we wished to purchase, notwithstanding that BBBH wanted to shop some more. Go figure. I broke for the car just as a new deluge began. We started home. We got through town and on the country road. Two miles later, the huge tree that was lying across the road totally closed off that avenue. Oh, did I say that the rain was coming down in sheets at this point? Since the pavement was only twelve feet wide, I chose to back up rather than risk dropping a wheel into the mud alongside the road should my turning be less than accurate. Moreover, I had to drive in reverse only a half-mile before coming to a driveway I could back into!

We took the first crossroad and drove a mile south, then headed west again. We got two miles this time before being blocked by a tree. I saw it in time to make another turn. Well, enough detail, but we finally arrived home safely, and the storm raged on. Oh, did I mention that when we left the store the temperature was 67o?

What a fun spring day in Indiana!


Vee said...

Dangerous weather! I'm sure the store people were looking out for your best interest, but I can't even imagine being crowded into a restroom with a bunch of strangers. Better than being blown away, of course.

Secondary Roads said...

Just another day in paradise. :)

vanilla said...

Vee, I didn't deal with the claustrophobic environs very well myself.

Chuck, it's why we call it "Perfect"!