Friday, July 1, 2011


Approaching the garden.

A little closer.

The catalpa overhangs part of the garden.

There's always a bit of therapy in the garden!

I love summertime!


John Cowart said...

I come to the garden alone... Have to. Can't get my kids to mow.

Your garden is lovely. It is so nice to see views of another person's garden. When ever Ginny and I look at our own garden, what we4 mostly see is work to be done!

John Cowart

Vee said...

So beautiful!

Secondary Roads said...

Very nice! Your arthritic friend in Michigan loves summer too. :)

vanilla said...

John, Thanks. I rather enjoy the solitude of the garden. And to keep a positive outlook, I try to consider the required work to be therapy for the body and spirit.

Vee, thank you. I only attempt to control "unwanted growth." The Lord provides the beauty.

Chuck, in my case, the arthritis seems to be less bothersome during warm weather. Hope your summer is therapeutic as well.

Ilene said...


vanilla said...

Ilene, I would find it very hard not to like summertime!