Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wild Bill spends a fair amount of time with the rod and reel on the pier. He catches his fair share of the elusive piscine creatures. Here he exhibits a nice bluegill.

This little lizard is one of dozens that keep us company as we loll on the lakeside deck of the house. He came out, rested on the step a bit, then went into display. I had never seen this behavior before. What a gorgeous red dewlap he puffs out from beneath his head! But of course, by the time I had retrieved the camera he had finished this activity; but he was surrounded by several what I am guessing were girl-type lizards!


Anonymous said...

When I used to go fishing with my grandpa up in Michigan, we shared our space mostly with dragonflies and frogs. While the dragonflies were plenty cool, I would have been very pleased to spend my time waiting for the bobber to bob watching lizards, too.

Vee said...

You missed your calling, you should have been a herpetologist. Following the screaming, I would have been running.

vanilla said...

Jim, God's little creatures are fascinating. Well, except for the skeeters and gnats buzzing around, perhaps.

Vee, screaming and running? Lizard? What might you have done while strolling through the yard with me a few days ago when I kicked over a clump of Spanish moss under which was the cutest little snake!