Friday, February 25, 2011

Two Twenty-five and Counting

It appears that our sojourn in this paradise is winding very quickly to an end. We will begin wending our way northward. But it is not my intention to arrive back in the frozen North while it is yet required to winterize the motorhome. So with luck, we will find more pleasant adventures south of the freeze-zone.

Appropos of absolutely nothing, how many of you remember the General Motors, Buick Division behemoth tagged "Electra 225"? It was referred to by some as "a deuce and a quarter." The date reminded me of this. This model was introduced in 1959, replacing the Buick Limited. The "225" refers to the length of the car in inches. That would be 18 feet, 9 inches. That would be huge by today's standards. A 2011 Buick Lucerne, Buick's biggest, is 203.2 inches in length, nearly two feet shorter than a 225.


Anonymous said...

Buick renamed its entire line of cars for 1959. Gone were many longtime names, such as Century, but most of them found their way back into the line in the coming years.

Lin said...

Sigh. The good old days when cars were HUGE. And nobody wore seatbelts. AM radio. Back seat windows that actually rolled all the way down. No air conditioning.

Good times.

Lin said...

Wait! That sounded snippy and I didn't mean it to!

I did actually mean those were good days--when we all bounced around the backseat with mom and pop driving. Sigh. :)

Andrea said...

Cars have definitely changed a lot over the years!

Secondary Roads said...

I don't remember that model. I was a student at Mich State U at the time. Paying for tuition, room, board and books was all I could manage. Once a week, I'd treat myself to a small Coca-Cola.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

That was a big car! I sort of remember it.

vanilla said...

Jim, think I'll continue Buick thing tomorrow.

Lin, sigh, indeed. I couldn't even carry my family in today's sedans. Oh, that's why there are vans: for people who had more than two kids.

No "snippiness detected.

Andrea, and of course they have changed for the better in many ways. But I still like the old iron.

Chuck, I never owned a Buick. But I admired some of them.

Shark, that was the day of "bigger is better!"