Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bird of Paradise

©2011 David W. Lacy

This beauty is a dozen steps from our parking spot. I have walked by it many times, noticed it for the first time just before sunset Saturday evening. On a plant twenty feet in height, the blossoms are about seven feet above the ground and almost hidden amongst the gigantic leaves of the plant.
©2011 David W. Lacy

Then Monday morning, just a few steps away, I discovered another plant which was laden with numerous blue birds!
Word of the day: plant


Lin said...

Oh, how nice to have outside your door! I was just excited to seem some shriveled up, soggy grass yesterday. The snow is finally melting!!

Secondary Roads said...

I have to confess, my mind is sick and twisted I saw the title of your post and it immediately brought to mind an impolite song. The words expressed a desire for a bird to enter the nostril of another individual.

I'm glad you're enjoying such beauty there. Here we are enjoying a thaw. It's not bad until you go somewhere in your car. The roads have turned from poor man's concrete to mud.

vanilla said...

Lin, with what you've had this winter, any grass, brown; soggy; shriveled, must be a real pleasure to see!

Chuck, I can actually sing that song, which even goes so far as to wish a plague of runners in the hose of the invidual's spouse. Don't get stuck in the mud.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Always one of the wonders of the plant world! Thanks for sharing one.

vanilla said...

Shark, they are amazing plants. We are blessed to be near them!