Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Writer's Picks 2016 Part One

January  a little dickens lives with us.
February  during which I was resident in nursing home.  All month plus.

                                                              March noodles and wedding bands

                                                                                           April  missionary squabble

                                             May  a bit political

June conversation in an elevator

These are the writer's choices for each month of 2016.  The second six months to follow in a day or two.  As I observed on another occasion, much like designating a child as "favorite."


Grace said...

I remember these - nice to be reminded to read them again.

vanilla said...

Grace, I so appreciate you as a faithful reader of the blog. I am gratified that you went back to re-read these posts. Thank you.

Grace said...

I sometimes scroll through the short stories too....there are more than a few of the Uncle Jep stories I like a lot.

vanilla said...

Grace, it gives me joy to know that you like those tales.