Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Honoring the Spouse

 This was posted nearly eight years ago.  BBBH has put up with me, stood by me, cared for me during the intervening years and she still sings!  So in her honor here is a repost.

Several years before I met her, BBBH published a book of poems and songs she had written. I submit here lyrics to one of the songs. I particularly enjoy hearing her sing this.

Take a Look It's All in the Book

The Bible says we can be free
From all our sins and misery
That the Lord's the only way
Not many paths, like people say

Says we can claim His every word
Of His promises be assured
That we can know He loves us so
And that He just wants us to know

Says in the word that we can find
In the book He left behind
That He shed His blood for me
Took my stripes at Calvary

In His kingdom we can share
Because He'll always be there
He came to set us free from sin
So open your heart and let Him in

So take a look, take a look,
It's all in the book
So take a look, take a look
It's all in the book

John 3:16
Copyright Grace JoAnn Harrison 1995. Used by permission.


Vee said...

Very meaningful verses.

vanilla said...

Vee, and it is very nice to hear her sing them.