Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Kickoff

The article on the front page of our local newspaper announced Friday's "'Tis the Season" celebration in downtown Perfect.  Many fun things planned for residents of all ages, but the clip about the ice sculptor caught my eye.  I am sure his art work is stunning and to see him work should be entertaining.

But the thing I wonder is Where on Earth did he find "18 odd chickens"?  I know that cats are odd, and I have seen some strange rabbits, but just what makes a chicken odd?  17 chickens would be an odd number of chickens, but eighteen?

I am so confused.  Silly, too.

Well, it is December now, so on with the Christmas celebrations!


Secondary Roads said...

I've always thought that chickens are odd.

Grace said...

Shouldn't odd chickens be in odd numbers?

Lin said...

I love the adjectives in this article. I'm thinking the "odd" chickens means that they are of mixed breeds???

Or maybe they are just weird.

Either way, it made for entertaining reading.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I saw some at the fair-- hoo, boy! Weird, indeed.

Grace, my thinking as well.

Lin, I think you thought it through better than I did. I have heard an expression such as "twenty odd" things which I took to mean some number in the twenties. But "17 odd" just threw me.

Vee said...

Nothing like reports in small-town newspapers. The reports concerning happenings by the Greenfield newspaper while we lived close to there usually ended with, "and a good time was had by all."

vanilla said...

Vee, so happy to live in a small town with a daily paper. Even though I can sometimes read the entire thing in three minutes, it is worth the price of admission!