Saturday, June 25, 2016

Conversations with Random People-- Seventeen

BBBH and I boarded the Golden Elevator in the major urban hospital.  We were headed out after a grueling four hours of consultations. A large African-American gentleman stepped in behind us.  He was a tiny bit shorter than I, but of much more robust build.  He was not fat.

BBBH greeted him (there are no strangers in her world) and he responded with a smile.  I was immediately compelled to say, "What a pleasant voice you have; very much in the style of James Earl Jones."

He chuckled and said, "Thank you."

BBBH then asked, "Do you sing?"

"Yes, actually I do.  I sing in a male chorus."

"Wow!  Where do you perform?"

"Various venues around the city.  Mostly in churches."

The door opened on our floor and we all got out of the car.  Then standing in the middle of the hallway the conversation continued with BBBH asking, "Where do you attend church?"

"Calvary Tabernacle at [such and such locale]."

"Are you full-gospel?"

"Indeed I am."

"So am I.  David is Wesleyan."

"Labels don't matter so long as you know Jesus and are serving Him," the Man remarked.

BBBH extended her hand and stated her name.  They shook hands and I extended my hand and stated my name.

As he shook my hand he said, "I am Deacon Hoskins."

The "nice talking with you" and the formalities of departure, and we went our separate ways.


Secondary Roads said...

Meetings like that are extra special.

Grace said...

I talk to everyone too, makes G a little crazy - too bad for him. It's always fun when you meet someone who you have something in common with.

vanilla said...

Chuck, people miss a lot in the hustle and bustle of life, often unaware of the existence of the people surrounding them. Everyone has a story.

Grace, it is interesting to talk to strangers. We often have something in common with whomever we meet, even it it is something way out on the periphery of our lives.

Vee said...

You are right, there are no strangers in the world of your better half and she is even better for that.

vanilla said...

Vee, yes, and I have been told that I am the better for it as well.

Lin said...

How nice to meet someone happy and nice...and welcoming to the interaction. Another friend made....

vanilla said...

Lin, while it is true that there many mean and unpleasant people, it is also true that there many nice people. Sometimes you have to "take a chance" to find out which is which.