Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Never Forget

December 7, 1941-- a date which shall live in infamy. --FDR

A brief summary and an excellent reminder at "This Day in History."

Saw an interview with a man aged 98 who was an antiaircraft gunner on the Arizona that day.  He has made many visits to the site in memory of his buddies who were lost there.


Secondary Roads said...

I consider it one of the more significant events of my lifetime. Not so much for the day, but for the outcome of what was started on that day.

vanilla said...

Chuck, blows my mind to think that I can remember events that occurred 75 years ago== and more, in my. case

Secondary Roads said...

Kinda makes one feel old, huh? I was only 1 year old at that time, so I don't remember the event. I do have memories from '44 and '45.

vanilla said...

Chuck, yes. That and the arthritis.