Friday, December 16, 2016

My Daughter and Me


Bright sunny day but colder than bears. 4oF when I looked a few minutes ago.  I am in hospital as I write this.  The patient is my daughter, Ivanelle.  The staff just wheeled her away for the procedure and I wait here in room 8, surgery.

Fifty-seven years ago I got the call telling me that her mother had been admitted to hospital in Ft. Wayne.  I was in Muncie.  An hour later I was at Frieda's side.  Perhaps it was a holiday for Indiana Highway Patrolmen.  But having arrived about 3:30 in the afternoon it was nevertheless 11:30 before Ivanelle made her debut.  Not saying she has always been stubborn, but she is tenacious.

I have changed her diapers, picked her up when she has fallen.  I have bandaged her skinned knees and I have taken her to doctors when the need was beyond me.  I was with her when she was in labor with her first child.  What she said then about her husband was not nice, but they eventually had two more kids and they are now loving grandparents to seven.  I have been with Ivy through birthdays of children and grandchildren, through graduations and the celebrations of them.  But today is the hardest thing I have ever done with her.  The symptoms she suffers are scary and we can but trust the doctors and the Good Lord.  It is in their hands.

Update: Doctor says there were no signs of cancer and the irritation in the stomach can be treated with diet and medication.  I brought the lady to the house and she is resting.


Grace said...

Now there is a blessing.

Vee said...

So sorry Ivy is ill. I pray for her and her family regularly and will now specifically pray for her health.

Jim Grey said...

I, too, have had irritation on the stomach this year, and a few investigative procedures to get to the bottom of it. They never quite got to the bottom of it, but at least I know your daughter's relief that it isn't cancer.

vanilla said...

Grace, it is. We were so worried. Her mother's experience years ago did not end well.

Vee, very much appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Jim, sorry that you have suffered with a similar issue. Scary circumstances and a blessing to hear the doctor's assessment. Now we pray for healing for Ivy and for you.