Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Law of Faith

 These are observations of my father, Rev. Mr. D. W. Lacy, 1911 - 1999

The Genesis gives a complete record of Our Lord’s preparation of his intent to make man. Call this paternal preparation a masterpiece of Holy origin.  Christians owe it to themselves to read carefully the record of beginnings as revealed to us by the Lord, our Sovereign Savior.

Approximately 4000 years after the record of God’s paternal preparation for the reign of man we find light in The Gospel of John 2:9 concerning THE WORD.

He is presented as God, as executive agent in the creation of all things as presented in the Genesis record.  Christ was there in the beginning as Creator and will be there in the final great assize.

The Garden of Eden was the handiwork of God, a nursery of preparation.   Nothing was omitted. [There was] complete coverage of all things necessary for comfort and growth.  The only guidance [man] had in the occupancy of the Garden was an invisible Key known as the Law of Faith.  Nothing was under material lock.  The Lord put Adam and Eve into their new home with these words,  “Dress and Keep it.” (Genesis 2:15)  That was an unwritten law.  There was an exception and commandment that says their welfare was under the canopy of Divine authority and protection.  “You are not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil."  A reasonable relationship.  Adam and Eve understood, having the image of God’s Spirit encoded in the brain and boundaries defined.  We must understand that the Garden was an open one in which God came (Genesis 3:8), and the Serpent came also.

Adam was endowed with responsibility, transcending intelligence and wisdom, and the law of faith contained the complete essence of God’s intent and Adam’s understanding:  a constitutional awareness and rapport between them.

©2005 David W. Lacy


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Great thoughts from a great mind and heart.

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Chuck, I am thinking I may dig into the archives and bring a few of these forward.