Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ouabache State Park, 2016

Today's post is in a state of imbalance: long on pictures, short on text.

 The annual gathering of our friends of a certain age at Ouabache State Park.

 Wiener enjoyed the outing, too.

 Interesting fungus.  Obviously I did not eat it.

 JoLynn and Kent joined us on Monday.  The younger set to perk us up.

 Was it the pecs, or what?  Posing with a CCC worker.

Reflections on the lake.
Unfortunately, we had to pack it in a day early due to
medical appointment.  St. Mary's Church as seen from 
St. Vincent Mercy hospital, second floor and through 
the rain.

We are home safe and sound but bad weather including
tornadoes all around us.


Secondary Roads said...

We were getting regular updates during prayer meeting last night. (Pastor's daughter lives down that way.)

vanilla said...

We are safe and sound but many who live not far away are suffering from the loss of their homes and possessions.

Grace said...

Those lake photos are gorgeous. Mother Nature is most definitely pissed off about something...

vanilla said...

Grace, thanks. Yes, nature has been a bit rough with the area the last couple of days.