Monday, August 8, 2016

A Visit from Kennedy

 Great granddaughter, Kennedy, is six years old.  Wednesday she starts first grade.  So for an end-of-summer lark, she and her grandmother came to visit us for a couple of days. 
 There are no bad pictures of Kennedy, she is so pretty.

 The girl has an artistic bent.  Here she is with her Grandma.


Self-portrait by Kennedy.

This is Kennedy with her little sister, Naura.  Note the dollar signs and the stacks of money.  "We are going to be rich," she asserts.


Vee said...

Darling little girl. I'm sure she deserves to be rich.

vanilla said...

Vee, she may deserve to be rich some day, but her Grandma, as grandmas will, saw a "teachable moment," so followed the little talk about priorities and making good choices, all geared to the six-year-old perception of course. I say, "Go for it, Girl."

Jim Grey said...

Kennedy is very fortunate to know her great grandparents!

I got to know my dad's mom's mom and my mom's mom's mom. I feel very fortunate to have memories of these women -- especially Mom Grey, who was an ornery character.

Lin said...

What a nice visitor to have! She is a beautiful girl and she certainly has ambitions!

I like the $ as eyeballs. I'm like that on pay day.

vanilla said...

Jim, my life span overlapped with only one great-grandparent, and she died when I was six months of age.

Lin, she is a treasure.

Secondary Roads said...

My life span overlapped with the parents of my my paternal grandfather. They both died a short while after. I have no memory of them, but there is a four-generation pic with infant me in it.